January 14, 2023


Chemical peel is known since ages and is one of the scientific and result oriented procedure usually done under medical supervision.Hydroxy acids like Glycolic, Mandelic, Lactic, Salicylic acid at a strength 30-70% with pH as low as 1.6 is used in medical practice. Lower the pH deeper is the penetration into the skin. Therefore they are done by a doctor in clinic and neutralized properly. They are advised with a gap of 3 weeks and associated with a downtime that means skin layers tend to come off for 4-6 days and social appearance is bit problematic after a peeling session.

Chemical peels are necessary because they are aimed at repairing the skin. Roughness, pigmentation, acne scars, marks & uneven skin tone all these require repairing products means containing hydroxyl acids.

Our daily cosmetic products like cleansers tonners and moisturizers are in the form of creams serums or lotions have pH 5.5 or above and are aimed at pampering the skin rather than repairing.

Now let me explain cosmetic chemical peel to all of you. They are like chemical peels of hydroxyl acids with a difference means lower strength and higher pH.

USFDA has published a guideline for a chemical peel that can be used without medical supervision means anyone can use the peel for repair the skin.

The brief guideline is about the maximum strength not more than 10% Glycolic Mandelic or lactic acid and 2% for Salicylic acid at pH of 3.5.

Cosmetic chemical peels use the above guideline so that one can use the peels at home. This is a boon to all as the cost comes down drastically and convenience to use at home saving time money and energy.

Cosmetic Chemical peels are very safe. Skin does not come off at all and social appearance is not a problem anymore. Only difference is that you need to do them twice or thrice a week. The procedure is very simple apply them on face or body wait for 5-10 minutes and neutralize by normal water.

Use of sunscreen while you are outdoor is mandatory after any type of peel may be medical peel or cosmetic peel. Choose proper cosmetic peel and treat yourself.