Skin Pedia
July 05, 2021

Skin Pedia

Skin is the largest organ of the body that weighs approximately 6 pounds and provides protection.

Skin is a regenerative organ with a renewal cycle that varies as you age.

Infants/Children 3-5 days
Teens 10-21 days
20’s 14-21 days
30’s 28-45 days
40’s 45-60 days
50’s+ 60-90+ days

The outermost layer of our skin is known as the epidermis.

The epidermis is a paper-thin layer consisting mostly the dead skin cells.

The dead skin cells are continuously flaking off.

As the skin cell renewal rate slows down as you age and therefore the dead skin remains on top for a longer duration of time and the skin appears dull and stressed out.

Other factors that affect the skin renewal cycle are hormones, nutrition, sun exposure, lifestyle habits, illness, and stress.

Skincare regime with products that aim to remove the dead skin layer gently is crucial.

Instapeel plays a vital role as it is easy to use at home, a superficial peel with an appropriate pH range of 3.5-4 that loosen out bonds between dead skin cells and cause desquamation.