Superficial Peels
July 06, 2021

Superficial Peels

Among superficial peels the most popular and extensively studied and evaluated peel is glycolic acid peel. Glycolic acid is naturally occurring substance found in sugarcane, pineapple & sugar beet. 

Glycolic acid used for skin treatment which gently loosens the bond that holds the dead skin together ,shrink pores ,lighten spots, even out scars, lessen appearance of fine lines and keeps skin smooth and bright.

Glycolic acid boosts collagen production. Collagen is vital protein which keeps the skin firm. Glycolic acid transfer water molecules from air into skin tissue thereby replenishing the lost moisture.

Thus a product which contains free glycolic acid at 10% solution and maintain pH range of 3.5-4 will be a great product to express yourself younger.

Permissible Acid Strengths

Although peels are very effective and result oriented , here are few words of caution.

1) Check label on carton or container for mention of acid strength. The peels those are permitted to use at home are at restricted strength as per USFDA guideline as follows :

Glycolic Acid            upto 10%

Azelaic Acid             upto 10%

Lactic Acid               upto 10%

Salicylic Acid           upto 2%

2) Check marking on label for “Professional Use Only”

Products with this marking are to be used strictly under medical supervision only.

There are various products available on online platforms with strength far above than what is permitted to use at home.

3) Check for pH of the acid on brochure or on their website. Peel products with pH below 3.5 is not permitted to use at home.

4) Use only good quality products when it’s for your face.