Instapeels Complete Kit

Which skin type is it good for?

Normal Oily Combination Dry Sensitive

What It is?

Instapeel for younger expression is a repetitive superficial peeling program

This contains Instapeel-1, a cleanser of glycolic acid as a pre-peel application, followed by Instapeel-2 Glycolic acid peel with plant peptides to remove dead skin to reveal your new softer looking skin and Instapeel-3, a skin soother moisturizer as post peel lotion.

This kit also contains Instapeel daily face wash to maintain a fresh and brighter skin.

How is it different?

Instapeel is unique and first in India product that is a real home peel system that follows the USFDA guidelines for a superficial glycolic acid peel as DIY / PIY ( peel it yourself) product. This is the only peel that can be neutralized by normal water. This is the only peel that can be applied and leave on the face during the night.

Instapeel is the only product available in India which is a combination of Glycolic acid 10% combined with 2 peptides and plant extracts at a specific dead skin dissolving pH strength of 3.5-4.