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Instapeel Body

Instapeel Body

For Instant Glow

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Superficial Self peel for neck, back, hands, feet, toe, elbow, cracked heels & underarms

Glycolic Acid in urea, Lactic acid, Calendula & amaltas extract

100 ml + Cotton Pads (approx. 20-25 peel sessions) ***** 4.6 (298) View Reviews

Glycolic acid can lighten and brighten skin, fade unwanted sun spots, banish acne scars, and minimize age spots

With continued use damage from aging and sun exposure slowly get reversed

Glycolic Acid in Urea and Lactic acid lightens tanned patches on skin. Softens hardened skin areas. Urea hydrates the tough skin

Resolve roughness on the back

Right % and Right pH

2896 individuals were of the view that sun exposure body areas were appeared better when used glycolic acid powered by urea and calendula extract in their skin routine.

Calendula extract is anti-inflammatory, hydrating, anti-aging, and promotes wound healing through antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Amaltas being a potent anti-inflammatory herb, it also reduces allergic conditions like acne, pimples, zits and prevents various other skin infections like erysipelas (which is a blister-like condition with raised red patches on the skin due to the Streptococcus bacteria)


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Suited for all skin types and sensitive skin

What is Instapeel body

Light yellow Peel solution slightly viscous

Mild Pepper Cucumber Fragrance

4-5 ml ml usually covers forehands

Pour drops of peel on cotton pad and apply full face.

Formulation Facts

pH 3-3.2

Glycolic Acid & Urea are clinically evaluated world over

Key Ingredients   

Glycolic Acid, lactic Acid, Urea, calendula extract

Amaltas Extract, D Panthenol, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Caffeine



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